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KAYFOO is proud of the products that we produce and sell. Each product goes through a quality control system bringing to the market the very best products possible.



KAYFOO understands business and how important it is that we deliver our products when and where our customers need them.



KAYFOO treat every individual with honesty and respect, and to make all business decisions with the utmost integrity.


  As one of top 2 china manufacturers of wooden handles, We, KAYFOO, are not saying our wooden handles(broom handles, mop handles,shovel sticks,etc) deserves rock star status, but 10 years later It continuese to make quite a splash with our customers. wooden handle manufacturers,wooden handle manufacturerwood broom and mop handle manufacturerwooden mop and broom handle supplierwood handle manufacturer

We are TOP 2 of China manufacturers for wooden broom handles, wood brush sticks and MOP handles and wooden shovel handles. For broom & MOP handles and wood shovel handles, we can supply you with these modules below:

1Natural wood broom handles, Mop sticks.

2Varnished handles for broom,Mop and brush.

3Coated wood  wooden broom handle, Mop sticks and Brush handles.

4wooden shovel handles


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Our wood handles are manufactured from 100% hardwood, like  Eucalyptus. Pinewood, Weed tree, or Other hard wood per your requests.

1Threaded end broom handle,MOP handle and shovel handle; Standard thread.

2Tapered end broom mop and shovel handle. Precison cut tapered ends;

3Heavy-duty threaded end broom mop and shovel handle.

4Metal-tip threaded end broom handle, mop sticks and shovel wooden handles;

5wooden wooden broom handle with plastic threaded end. Super-tough black nylon plastic standard threaded end.

6MOP wooden handles with plastic threaded end. Super-tough black nylon plastic standard threaded end.

7Wood shovel handles with plastic threaded end.