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How to make Qualified wooden broom handles

How to make Qualified wooden broom handles

KAYFOO is a professional wooden poles manufacturer and we offer a wide range of wood tool poles, like wooden broom sticks, wood mop handles, wood rake handles, wooden shovel poles, and other gardening tool handles. wooden handle manufacturers,wooden handle manufacturer, wood broom and mop handle manufacturer, wooden mop and broom handle supplier, wood handle manufacturer

Step 1.Eucalyptus materials selection

KAYFOO is located in the center of Eucalyptus wood materials, so It is convenient to choose and select the satisfactory wooden broom handles. Meanwhile we have several eucalyptus wood plant bases and partner for high quality materials.

Step 2.Plane off the burrs to customized diameter

We will pick out some handles which are with too many cleaves or not good straight condition. Then plane off the burrs and customized handle diameter by machines.

Step 3.Dry under sunshine

Drying the stick under sunshine for at least 20 days or longer to ensure the stick with perfect drying condition. Dry wooden handles can’t be going to mould.

Step 4.Straight handles through machine

This process is to avoid bend,curve or crack, it is for the straight condition of wooden handles could be very stable.

Step 5. Polish handles

Polishing the wooden wooden broom handle to made the rough surface smooth.

Step 6. Make screw on the ends of wooden handles

Step 7. Dome handles’ ends

Step 8. Dry and packing 

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