Best broom wooden handles

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China best wooden broom and mop handles suppliers


Our wood handles are manufactured from 100% hardwood, like  Eucalyptus. Pinewood, Weed tree, or Other hard wood per your requests.

1Threaded end broom handle,MOP handle and shovel handle; Standard thread. PUSH BROOM handles, Upright broom handles wood,

2Tapered end broom mop and shovel handle. Precison cut tapered ends;

3Heavy-duty threaded end broom mop and shovel handle.

4Metal-tip threaded end broom handle, mop sticks and shovel wooden handles;

5wooden wooden broom handle with plastic threaded end. Super-tough black nylon plastic standard threaded end.

6MOP wooden handles with plastic threaded end. Super-tough black nylon plastic standard threaded end.

7Wood shovel handles with plastic threaded end.



The following is a list of some of our most popular products. Should you have a specific need that is closely related to the products listed below, please call us to discuss your particular situation.

Wood Handles:

General Specifications:


  • Dowel (Shaft) Details

  • Type of Wood: 1)Eucalyptus.  2)Pine.   3)Weed tree. 4Otherhard wood per your requests.

  • Length of Wood Handle: 12" to 72"

  • Diameter of Wood Handle: .75" to 1.5"

Tooling Details for ends

Custom Specialty Wood Handles:

  • Custom Diameters to .005" tolerances

End Options Available for KAYFOO Wood Handles

KAYFOO Handle offers a wide variety of stock or standard wood handle TIP options. Custom tips, according to your specifications, are also available. 

Special Capabilities & Services of KAYFOO Handle include:

  • Complete SurfacePreparation (sanding, cutting, trimming),

  • Staining & Painting

  • Custom Tooling of MetalThreads and other special ends such as tapered, threaded, tenoned, taperedAND threaded

  • plus Special Packagingand Custom Labeling.

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