Anchor Wooden Broom Handles

We are a real factory supplier for kinds of wooden broom handles. we have Anchor Wooden Broom Handles,wood handle with threaded wood tip,Tapered broom handle,wood broom handle with threaded metal tip,hardwood broom handle,threaded wooden broom handle,Metal thread wood broom handle,Metal threaded wooden broom handle,PVC Coated wooden broom handle,Sanded Wood Handle with TapeRed Tip.

  • OEM/ODM:yes
  • Materials:Eucalyptus wood
  • Product:Anchor Wooden Broom Handles
  • Brand:kayfoo

,Anchor Wooden Broom Handles & wood handle with threaded wood tip

All of our wooden broom handles can be used for brooms,brushes,and dusterheads that accepts a standard acme thread. Meanwhile, all of our Eucalyptus wooden broom handle can be made with Tapered tp, thread tip, tenoned tip.

 So they also can be named as:

1\ threaded wood broom handle,

2\Tapered wooden broom handles,

3\Tenoned wood handles,

4\Tapered broom handle,

5\wood broom handle with threaded metal tip,

6\hardwood broom handle,

7\Metal thread wood broom handle,

8\Metal threaded wooden broom handle,

9\PVC Coated wooden broom handle,

10\Sanded Wood Handle with TapeRed Tip

All of these above different Eucalyptus wood broom handle names are called by their different key features.















General Specifications

• Dowel (Shaft) Details
• Type of Wood: 1)Eucalyptus.   2)Pine.   3)Weed tree. 4
Other hard wood per your requests.
• Length of Wood Handle: 12" to 72"
• Diameter of Wood Handle: .75" to 1.5"

Tooling Details for ends

Threaded End Wood Handle: 3.5 to 6 threads per inch
Tenoned End Wood Handle: .50" to 1.25" length tenon
Tapered End Wood Handle: 1° to 16° taper
Metal Threaded End Wood Handle: standard metal threads - hex head metal threads also available

Custom Specialty Wood Handles:

• Custom Diameters to .005" tolerances