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  • wooden mopsticks
wooden mopstickswooden mopsticks

wooden mopsticks

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As a professional wooden sticks manufacturer, our FSC/Non-FSC certified wooden broom sticks can be fit for your push floor broom, upright broom, push broom handles, wet or dry floor broom.

Our threaded wood handles are composed of lacquered wood to reduce splintering and increase long lasting use. If your tasks require a slightly more durable handle or perhaps a more durable metal tip.

Our standard threaded handles are made of lacquered hardwood for consistent dependability and fits most brooms and brushes that utilize an acme type thread .

1. Material:

1)Eucalyptus.   2)Other hard wood per your requests.

2. Size: general size or as customer's request

Length:      From 90cm to 220cm(12" to 72")

Diameter: 1.9cm,2.2cm,2.3cm,2.35cm,2.5cm,2.8cm,2.85cm,3.2cm,3.4cm,3.6cm and 3.8cm

General Specifications :

Tooling Details for ends

Threaded End Wood Handle: 3.5 to 6 threads per inch

Tenoned End Wood Handle: .50" to 1.25" length tenon

Tapered End Wood Handle: 1° to 16° taper

Metal Threaded End Wood Handle: standard metal threads - hex head metal threads also available

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Custom Specialty Wood Handles:

• Custom Diameters to .005" tolerancës

we can do any size and diameter as per customer's request .

3.End Options Available for KAYFOO Wood Handles

Different style of two ends for your choice

KAYFOO Handle offers a wide variety of stock or standard wood handle TIP options. Custom tips, according to your specifications, are also available.

Wood Handle with Tapered End:

Tapers ranging from 1° to 16° - wood handle end diameters from 1/2" to 1"

Wood Handle with Threaded End:

Thread Range - 3.5 threads per inch up to 6 threads per inch

Thread diameters from 1/2" to 7/8"

Wood Handle with Tapered AND Threaded End:

Wood Handle with Tenoned End:

tenon diameters range from 1/2" to 1 1/8" - varying lengths up to 4"

Wood Handle with Metal Threaded End:

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Top tip style and Bottom end

Threaded Tips:  Italian thread/American thread/other thread

Normal Tips:    Straight cut/Tapered/Tenoned

Plastic tip:       Plastic cap Straight cut/Tapered

Plastic thread tips:  Plastic cap Italian thread/American thread/other thread

Bottom end: Domed, Flat cuted

Specific style (plastic cap / thread /Tapered) can be customized.Plastic cap: 4.5cm,4.8cm,7cm, or other color

4.Attractive Features:

Wooden handle is eco-friendly, straight, smooth , not easy be mouldy, attractive and durable etc.

1)、 Straight:      not more than< 6MM (High temperature steam pressure straighten)

2)、 Storage: can be stocked for a long time and is not easy mouldy or bent

3)、 Surface effect: Smooth  sanding & polish & varnished 2 or 3 times

4)、 Humidity : 12%-18%,depending on different seasons

5)、 Dry way:  dry it naturally in the sun

6)、Quality Controlled: QA/QC 100% QC checked

7)、Sample: samples are free of charge

8)、Service:  fast service and on-time delivery

9)、Usage: wooden handle for broom, mop, brush, household cleaning tools ect.

5、Packaging & Shipping

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Packing method:Green Non-wooven bags, Eco-friendly Kraft packing, Clear plastic film

Quantity each bundle: 12pcs,25pcs,or 50pcs

Other style: As clients' request.

1)、natural wooden handle

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

110cm*2.2cm    220g           60           55000          110400

110cm*2.5cm    250g           50           50000          100000

120cm*2.2cm    250g           50           45000          100000

120cm*2.5cm    330g           50           45000          90000

130cm*2.5cm    350g           30           40000          80000

150cm*2.5cm     450g          30           30000          60000

2)、Snow shovel handle

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

70cm*3.5cm      300g          30          38000           70000

3)、Varnish wooden handle

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

110cm*2.2cm     220g         60            55000           110400

110cm*2.5cm     250g         50            50000           100000

120cm*2.2cm     250g         50            45000           100000

120cm*2.5cm     330g         50            45000           90000

130cm*2.5cm     350g         30            40000           80000

150cm*2.5cm     450g         30            30000           60000

4、Varnish Snow shovel handle

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

70cm*3.5cm     300g            30           38000           70000

5、Wooden handle with PVC

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

110cm*2.2cm    220g          60           55000           110400

110cm*2.5cm    250g          50           50000           100000

120cm*2.2cm    250g          50           45000           100000

120cm*2.5cm     330g         50          45000            90000

130cm*2.5cm     350g        30          40000              80000

6、Natural wooden Shovel handle

Size                  Weight       Bundle     FCL20GP       FCL40HQ

120cm*3.6cm     850g         25          10500            27000

130cm*3.6cm     900g         25          10000            26000

140cm*3.6cm     950g         25          9500              25000

150cm*3.6cm     1000g       25           9000              23000

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