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About us

KAYFOO: The first name in Janitorial&Sanitary supplies in China.

KAYFOO is also the World's Premiere wood handles Manufacturer and wooden mopsticks factory.

Our History:

Since 2003, Kayfoo Group has been supplying wood products to the industrial and Janitorial&Sanitary markets.

Established in 2003, KAYFOO has become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wooden broomsticks and mopsticks (brush handles wooden, MOP handles wooden)  in China and abroad. The company has succeeded in building a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of wood tool components such as wood dowels, wood turnings, wooden handles, and more for a broad range of applications. Through consistent customer service, quality products, and on time delivery, KAYFOO has developed a longstanding and loyal customer base. These are relationships we strongly value and place considerable emphasis to maintain and build upon.

Our Today:

Our experienced sales staff has over 15 years of combined experience servicing the wood industry.We have extensive knowledge in the development, optimization and manufacturing of custom wood tool sticks and products for countless applications in a broad range of industries.We have the ability to provide an array of wood turned pieces.

Your success is our success and we take that cooperation seriously.

While most handles tend to be turned for fit and function, we also provide molded, shaped, slabbed, and sawn handles to meet your specific requirements.

Secondary operations for handles are frequently done, which include, but are not limited to:

•      Countersunk Holes                        •  Slots

•      Metal and Wooden Threads          •   Finishing

•      Crossbores                                    •  Ferruling

•      Rounded Ends                              •  Tapers

•      Tenons

KAYFOO GROUP: Giving You The Wooden Handles You Need

Examples of wooden handles provided by KAYFOO GROUP include:

Shovel Handles: Wood handles are manufactured with domestic as well as imported species with finishes, threading, and ferrules.

Mop and Broom Handles:    Wood handles are manufactured with domestic as well as imported species with finishes, threading, and ferrules.

Wood Tool Handles: Handles for rakes, shovels, hoes, weeders, wheelbarrows, dibbles, trowels, and more. Tool handles, striking tool handles, garden tool handles and axe handles.

Kitchen Handles: Wooden kitchen handles for utensils, such as spatulas, knives, rolling pins, barbeque utensils, honey dippers – all with food safe finishes.

Hand Tools: Wooden tool handles of any size, shape, and finish with holes and ferrules to secure your implements.

Please take your time to reach these following points. I believe you will beter understand what kind of wooden handles we can give you.


The following is a list of some of our most popular products. If you have a specific need that is closely related to the products listed below, please call us to discuss your particular situation.

Wood Handles:

· Wood Handles: Broom

· Wood Handles: Mop (Mop Stick)

· Wood Handles: Toilet Plunger

· Wood Handles: Push Broom

· Wood Handles: Shovel

· Wood Handles: Tool
(requiring long straight wooden broom handles)

General Specifications:

· Dowel (Shaft) Details

·         Type of Wood: 1)Eucalyptus.  2)Pine.   3)Weed tree. 4)Otherhard wood

·         Length of Wood Handle: 12" to 72"

·         Diameter of Wood Handle: .75" to 1.5"

Tooling Details for ends

· Threaded End Wood Handle: 3.5 to 6 threads per inch

· Tenoned End Wood Handle: .50" to 1.25" length tenon

· Tapered End Wood Handle: 1° to 16° taper

· Metal Threaded End Wood Handle: standard metal threads - hex headmetal threads also available

Custom Specialty Wood Handles:

· Custom Diameters to .05mm tolerancës

End Options Available for KAYFOO Wood Handles

KAYFOO offers a wide variety of stock or standard wood handle TIP options. Custom tips, according to your specifications, are also available.

· Wood Handle with Tapered End:
Tapers ranging from 1° to 16° - wood handle end diameters from 1/2"to 1"

· Wood Handle with Threaded End:
Thread Range - 3.5 threads per inch up to 6 threads per inch
Thread diameters from 1/2" to 7/8"

· Wood Handle with Tapered AND Threaded End:

· Wood Handle with Tenoned End:
tenon diameters range from 1/2" to 1 1/8" - varying lengths upto 4"

· Wood Handle with Metal Threaded End:

Special Capabilities & Services of KAYFOO Handle include:

· Complete SurfacePreparation (sanding, cutting, trimming),

· Staining & Painting

· Custom Tooling of MetalThreads and other special ends such as tapered, threaded, tenoned, taperedAND threaded

· plus Special Packagingand Custom Labeling.

1 Natural wood wooden broom handle, Mop sticks.


천연 나무 빗자루 손잡이, 걸레 받이 중국 제조 업체

Из натуральной древесины метла ручки, Швабра палочки Китай производитель.

Natürliche Holz Besen Handgriffe, Mop-Sticks China Hersteller;

Poignées de balais en bois naturel, Bâtons de balais Fabricant en Chine;

Manijas de escoba de madera natural, Varillas de fregona Fabricante de China.

2 Varnished handles for broom,Mop and brush.

중국 광택 빗자루 처리, 걸레 손잡이 및 브러시 스틱 제조 업체;


China Lackiererei Besen Griff, Mop Griffe und Pinselstöcke Hersteller;

Китай лакированная ручка метлы, Швабра Ручки и кисти палочки производителей;

Chine Brosse peinte poignée, Mop Poignées et brosse bâtons fabricants;

Çin Vernikli süpürge sapı, Mop Kulpları ve fırça imalatçıları;

China Mango de escoba barnizado, manijas de la fregona y los fabricantes del palillo del cepillo;

Kiina Lakattu luuta kahva, moppi kahvat ja harjalla tikkuja valmistajat;

China Gelakte bezemsteel, Mop Handvatten en borstel sticks fabrikanten;

3、Coated wood wooden broom handle, Mop sticks and Brush handles.

코팅 된 나무 빗자루 중국 제조업체, 코팅 된 걸레 막대기 중국 공급 업체 및 코팅 된 브러시 중국 수출 처리;


Покрытые древесины метла ручки Китай производитель, с покрытием Швабра палочки китайского поставщиков и покрывалось Кисть ручки фарфора экспортеров;

Покриті деревини мітла ручки Китай виробник, з покриттям Швабра палички китайського постачальників і покривалося Кисть ручки порцеляни експортерів;

Beschichtete Holz Besen Handgriffe china Hersteller, Coated Mop Stöcke Porzellan Lieferanten und Coated Pinsel Griffe china Exporteure;

Recouvert bois balai poignées fabricant de porcelaine, Manteau revêtu bâtons fournisseurs de la Chine et Brosse revêtu poignées Chine exportateurs;

Recubierto madera escoba mangos fabricante de China, recubierto trapeador palos proveedores de China y recubierto manijas China exportadores;

scopa in legno rivestito manici fornitore della Cina, Mop rivestito attacca fornitori della Cina e rivestito pennello gestisce esportatori di porcellana;

Të veshura fshesë dru trajton prodhues porcelani, leckë të veshura shkopinj furnizuesit porcelani dhe veshura Brush trajton eksportuesit porcelani;

4、 Domed/Taperred & screwed broomMop handles and brush sticks.


중국 돔 / 테이퍼 & 나사 빗자루, 걸레 핸들 및 브러시 스틱, 중국 수출업자.

Китай Опукле / конічний і угвинчується мітли, Швабра ручки і щітки палички, Китай експортер.

Китай Выпуклое / конический и ввинчивается метлы, Швабра ручки и щетки палочки, Китай экспортер.

China gewölbte / Tapered & verschraubte Besen, Mop Griffe und Pinselstöcke, China Exporteur.

China Domed / Tapered & geschroefd bezem, Mop handgrepen en borstel sticks, China exporteur.

Kina kuplede / Tapered & skruet kost, moppe håndtag og børste pinde, Kina eksportør.

Chine Domed / Tapered & vissé balai, Mop poignées et bâtons de brosse, Chine exportateur.

China koepelvormige / Tapered & geskroef besem, mop handvatsels en kwas stokke, China uitvoerder.

Over the years KAYFOO has been distinguished for the high efficiency and professionalism with its customers.We can ship all countries in the world and our modern and completely automatic production process allow us to prepare the order to be shipped in a very short time.

That's why today we can say KAYFOO is "the winning solution" for its customers.

Have special requests? What we can offer?

We are an service & market orientated manufacturer & exporter, we are expecting your bespoke inquiries to satisfy your market demands.

We insist on marching ahead on the basis of market-orientation under the drive of innovation. In addition to supplying high quality products to our clients, we also provide a variety of value-added services, such as product design, package design, color scheme,etc. 

Contact Us

Contact: tony Fan

Phone: +86 15877148511

Tel: +86 0771 8057397


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